About Us

ARI Logistic provides a comprehensive mode of transportations and logistic services at the most reasonable cost.

We strive to build the most efficient transportation and logistics brand for our customers in various circumstances. ARI continuously improves its market share by optimizing available resources, promptly capturing updated information and offering cost saving initiatives to customers.

Our Services

ARI Logistics aims to always maintain and and grow on its high profile in the market by

Values are always maintained by ARI during operation:

- Consistently accompany with customers in all circumstances

- Ensure the provision of professional services to increase the value for customers with high standards.

- Provide a variety of transport solutions according to the needs of each customer

- The staff is enthusiastic, honest, thoughtful, reliable, constantly trying to improve professional.

- Non-stop innovation and creativity, advise customers on safe and effective modes of transport in order to minimize transportation costs.

- Provide customers with a personal, dedicated service.

Our Commitment

In order to ensure high quality in the circulation of goods and services quickly, we apply the following measures

- Vehicles are continuously monitored by satellite monitoring and management equipment. The details of each trip are recorded and evaluated to ensure the safety of the driver, vehicle and cargo.

- Delivery time on all routes is closely monitored

- All vehicles are centrally managed and monitored continuously. Maintain a channel for connecting with customers, updating customer feedback on the quality of service of the company.